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The Governing Body

The headteacher is responsible for the running of  Kintore Way Nursery School. The responsibility of the governors is to have general oversight of the management, curriculum and resources. The governors are responsible for interviewing and appointing staff.

Governors are available for parents/carers to contact by letter (addressed to Kintore Way Nursery School). There are parent governors on our governing body who represent parents/carers views and interests. We advertise on notice boards and in newsletters when there is a vacancy. If you think you might like to be a governor we would be happy to give you more information.

Chair of governors

Chair of governors
Name Appointed by From To
Robert Weir Appointed by GB/board 25 May 2023 24 May 2027


Name Appointed by From To
Charita Venkatesh Appointed by GB/board 29 November 2022 28 November 2026
Christine Zanabi Appointed by GB/board 25 May 2023 24 May 2027
Claire Navaie Elected by school staff 22 May 2023 22 May 2027
Dena Attar Appointed by GB/board 30 November 2023 30 November 2026
Fayola Duncan Appointed by GB/board 3 May 2023 2 May 2027
Rabi Wilson Appointed by GB/board 29 November 2022 28 November 2026
Rebecca Sherwood Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal 23 April 2019 Not recorded
Sophie Gauthier-Beaudoin Nominated by LA and appointed by GB 27 June 2023 26 June 2027

What do the governors do?

Governors make a difference. They have a strategic role supporting and challenging the Head teacher.

The Kintore Way Nursery School – Governors

Working for the best interests of the children, the school and the wider community.

Governors work as a team, in the best interests of the children and the school, to raise educational standards. More specifically, they:

  • Appoint the Head teacher, who has day to day responsibility for everything that happens in a school and is accountable to them
  • Agree how the school’s money is allocated
  • Agree policies about the way the governing body and the school work
  • Ensure new initiatives and guidelines from the Department for Education and the education authority are put in place.

Community involvement

More widely, schools are increasingly becoming a focal point in the community they serve. They could influence community involvement with our school.


Governors have to be prepared to give and take and be loyal to decisions taken by the governing body. They are involved in confidential matters and must respect that confidentiality.

How governors report to the parents

The governors report to parents at the end of the school year in a publication.  There is a community evening where they are available to answer questions.

School inspections

When a school is inspected by the Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED), the effectiveness of the school and its governors is taken into account.

Meetings and time as a governor

The full governing body meets once a term.


Committee meetings

Most of the governors’ work is done in committee meetings when financial, staffing, curriculum and premises issues are discussed in detail.  They are expected to join one or two of the main committees and they would also meet at least once a term.


Time in post

Governors are usually in post for four years and may serve for longer.