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A Bear Hunt

General News, Learning
We’re going on a bear hunt! The children loved acting out the story, showing great compassion for the bear at the end. “I think he’s sad” “The bear is crying” “He’s going home by himself” “What if the bear don’t have no friends”  

Trapped in Ice!

General News
This week, we’ve been thinking through ideas to rescue our small world animals trapped in ice. “It icy. They’re freezing.” “Cold, cold, cold.” “It’ll melt when it’s sunny.” “The giraffe is stuck in ice. Help!” “I will rescue you.” “Elsa and Anna. Frozen.” “Hammer!”

Gingerbread Man

This term we really loved reading the Gingerbread Man. “Horsey, cow, fox, they want to catch him!” “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” “He will tumble off and the fox will eat him.” “The fox pretended to help him.” We particularly…

Winter Wonderland

General News
What a magical week it’s been at Kintore Way! We’re all feeling festive after a delicious Christmas lunch, party and a special visitor. There are a couple more days to go but we’d like to thank our families for coming along to sing and wish everyone a happy holiday! Nature…

Happy Diwali!

General News
We had a very special get-together today as one of our families (mum, dad & grandma!) came in to tell us about how they celebrated Diwali. They explained that Diwali is about the victory of light over darkness. We saw beautiful homemade decorations and tasted homemade sweeties.

Black History Month

General News
We have been using a range of resources to help children develop a strong identity and to understand that we are all different, we are all special. #blackhistorymonthuk

Transient Art

Transient Art – an ideal opportunity to represent and record mathematical ideas! Transient art or loose parts play is the creative experience of placing open- ended resources together on a surface. As part of transient art or loose parts play children will explore shape, space, pattern, positioning, colour, texture and…

Investigating worms

Children were really inquisitive when investigating worms. Outdoor learning plays such an important role in every childs education journey. Here are a few quotes from the children whilst they conducted their investigations. “Watch the worm’s face. You wanna see the worm?” “I think I’m going to draw him.” “It’s a…