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State Funeral – Queen Elizabeth II

General News
Dear Parents & Carers, I am writing to confirm that there will be a national bank holiday on 19th September 2022. This is to mark the occasion of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The Department for Education has confirmed that they are not asking schools to remain open on…

Rest in Peace Your Majesty

General News
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth had the ability to reach into the hearts and minds of every generation. We saw this when we celebrated Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this year. The Queen showed us the qualities of loyalty, commitment, dignity and grace.

We’re now on Insta!

General News
Great News! Kintore Way Nursery School is now on Instagram! We will be regularly posting some great pics and vids of all the fun learning that’s happening at our school so be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of the fantastic activities. Please be sure to follow…

Windrush 2022

General News, Learning
The children have been learning about HMS Windrush. The children have been really interested in boats. We made a collaborative model of HMS Windrush and one child made their own boat and added some staff as passengers. The children and families had a taste of the Caribbean today. Bun and…

Queens Jubilee Party

General News, Learning
Thank you to everyone who came to our Jubilee Party. We wanted to create memories of Queen Elizabeth’s #PlatinumJubilee for our young children. We dressed up, danced, sang ‘They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace’, and had afternoon tea.

Platinum Jubilee

General News
The children have been learning about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. We got some lovely pictures of our Queen from her Coronation back in 1953 through to her now at 96! We are looking forward to celebrating her Platinum Jubilee and the children all hope that she has an amazing day…

Working with Colour

General News, Learning
Children loved experimenting with watercolours and painted some family portraits. They also made up some stories and acted them out. They also made pictures out of coloured thread. They used Pink and blue thread. The blue is the water. Pink is pirates. The pirates in the water. They fell down.…

More Gardening Fun!

General News, Learning
We’ve been gardening again. “I found a flower. A bee is inside it.” “The flower is grown. The flower is like my mum.” “How do they grow?” “I think when you put the plants in soil, it grows.” “First, lots of water.” “Only rabbits eat cabbages.” “A worm. The dirt…