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Orchard, Desert, Seashore and Mountain

There are 4 Rooms, Orchard, Desert, Seashore, and Mountain which are offered as mixed sessions termly. Places are offered from the term after children turn 2 years of age.

Our focus is to help children grow independently in all areas of learning and development. We do this by following their interests and needs. We recognise for children to learn it is important to support Children’s emotional wellbeing. Each child has a key person who carries out a home visit, as we recognise for children to achieve it is crucial for a strong partnership to be formed between school and home.

We support and encourage children to develop their communication and language skills. We understand by supporting and encouraging children to be able to express and talk about their feelings and needs, children are less likely to experience or display negative behaviour.

The children have access to all areas within the under 3’s and can choose to be inside or outside whatever the weather. Children are provided with lots of open ended resources, and are encouraged to make choices.